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Academic Clerk


The academic clerk is the sector responsible for the registration, preservation, archiving, and control of the students’ and institution’s documentation. Its processes involve enrollment, grades, attendance, issuance of academic documents, among others.

Academic Calendar

Access the Academic Calendar using the button below. (PDF)

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Academic Services

Check the list of academic services and make your request in the form below

01Registration Freezing05R$ 25,00
02Registration Reopening05R$ 25,00
03Registration Suspension05Conforme contrato
04As Per Contract20R$ 25,00
05Certificate or Statement of Completion02R$ 10,00
06Registration Statement02R$ 10,00
07Exemption from Disciplines (Equivalence) 20Isento
08Certificate Registration 2nd Copy07R$ 70,00
09School Records05R$ 30,00


    Talk to the clerk

    Contact the clerk through the email or phone below:

    +55 41 3595-6035