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Ilapeo College has postgraduate courses in Dentistry. Patients receive treatment in courses directed by each specialty.

Treatments Performed

Ilapeo College has postgraduate courses in Dentistry. Patients receive treatment in courses directed by each specialty.


Extraction of Wisdom Teeth
Orthognathic Surgery



Crowns on Teeth
Crowns on Implants
Full Arch Prosthesis (Denture)
Removable Prosthesis (Mobile)
Aesthetic Prostheses such as Veneers, Laminates, Contact Lenses Veneers
Metal or Metal-Free Pins to recover broken teeth


Orthodontic treatment with Fixed and Removable Appliances


Cleaning Teeth and Gums
Treatment and Prevention of Gum-Related Diseases
Gum Surgery for Sensitive Teeth, Implants, etc.
Gum Removal to improve the Aesthetics of Small Teeth and/or Braces


Resin Restorations (Caries Treatment)
Aesthetic Resin Restorations
Aesthetic Porcelain Restorations
Porcelain Crowns (Metal-Free)
Tooth Whitening
Recovery of broken teeth (Pins, Crowns, etc.)


Clenching Teeth
TMJ Dysfunction (alteration of the jaw joint)
Pain in the face and head caused by an imbalance in the muscles of mastication
Frequent breaks of teeth or prostheses


Patients who have lost their upper teeth and use denture or upper protocol and have lost lip volume (very thin lips) and very nasolabial groove (Chinese mustache).
Patients who have lost gum volume between their teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I register to an appointment at the Ilapeo College?

Registration can be done through the website or by phone. The necessary data are full name, telephone number, and CPF (Brazilian Social Security Number).

What is the forecast for the first consultation?

After registration, the date for screening will be informed.

What is screening?

Triage is the first assessment, in which a teacher performs the patient’s clinical examination and initial diagnosis, and, when necessary, requests additional tests that will be necessary for diagnosis and treatment planning. According to the needs, patients are referred for appropriate treatment.

Who performs the procedures?

The service is provided by students who are attending postgraduate courses in dentistry.

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