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Ethics And Research Committee


The Research Ethics Committee of the Ilapeo College (CEP / ILAPEO) is a body subordinate to the Teaching, Research, and Extension Directorate and to the College General Directorate, whose activities are governed by these Internal Regulations, which complies with Resolution 466/12 of the National Health Council. It is an advisory and independent body whose objective is to evaluate and monitor research projects considering ethical aspects.


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Dra. Ricarda Duarte da Silva


Ricarda Duarte da Silva – Permanente
Ana Cláudia M. M. Toyofuku – Permanente
Rubens Moreno de Dreitas – Permanente
Joice Cristiane Becker – Permanente
Gladyr Sanchotene – Permanente
Keiler do Carmo Vieira – Permanente
Eliane Maria Torres – Permanente
Evilásio Francisco Pinheiro – Permanente
Domenico Costella – Permanente
Gabriel Souren Klocker – Permanente
Fabio Luiz Padilha – Suplente
Roberto Hideo Shmizu – Suplente
Augusto Andrighetto – Suplente
Maria Lucia – Suplente


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Ricarda Duarte da Silva